Mu Beta Psi

National Honorary Musical Fraternity

National Committees


National Committee on Expansion

Chair: National VP of Expansion
Advisor: BOT Membership Advisor

The NCE is responsible for researching, soliciting, and pursuing opportunities for new Chapters of Mu Beta Psi at Colleges and Universities around the country. This broad goal encompasses marketing Mu Beta Psi, communicating with prospective colonists and their university administrations, and overseeing new Chapter installations. The committee utilizes a number of task forces to accomplish these goals.

For more information about starting a Chapter of Mu Beta Psi at your university, click here.

National Committee on Chapter Maintenance

Chair: National VP of Chapter Maintenance
Advisor: BOT Membership and Risk Mgmt Advisors

The NCCM is charged with ensuring the health of existing Chapters of Mu Beta Psi. The committee monitors Chapter membership levels, assists in fundraising and pledging efforts at the Chapter level, helps aribtrate disputes between Brothers or between Chapters and universities, and offers support and guidance to Chapters on a variety of topics.

National Finance Committee

Chair: National Treasurer
Advisor: BOT Financial Advisor

The National Finance committee serves as a resource for Chapters in financial matters. The committee also manages the national Fraternity Budget, and is involved in such activities as achieving Non-Profit status for the Fraternity, acquiring and managing liability insurance, and ensuring the long term financial health of the Fraternity

National History & Archives Committee

Chair: National Historian
Advisor: BOT Records Advisor

The National History & Archives committee assists the National Historian obtain, catalog, and store Fraternity records for posterity. The committee also sponsors the "Priceless Memories" scrapbook award, which is awarded to one Chapter at each National Convention

National Information Technology Committee

Chair: Mu Beta Psi Webmaster
Advisor: BOT Records Advisor

The NITC is responsible for maintaining and improving electronic resources for the Fraternity. The commmitee reviews and makes suggestions for Chapter websites, maintains the national homepage, email accounts and listserves, evaluates emerging technology, and oversees the flow of Fraternity information via the web. The committee also maintains the Brothers Intranet, a resource for past and present ΜΒΨ members.

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